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The institute

Director of the Institute: Massimiliano Marangolo, Professor Sorbonne Université

The Institut des NanoSciences de Paris (INSP) is a joint CNRS and Sorbonne University. Founded in January 2005, the Institute brings together teams from four laboratories of condensed matter physics to one site on the Jussieu campus.

The institute is dedicated to scientific inquiry in the field of nanosciences with a wide applications in a wide range fields such as optoelectronics and telecommunications, Earth and Environmental Sciences, catalysis and medical diagnosis.

The research at the INSP aims to identify and understand the new properties that arise when physical phenomena are confined within objects that are smaller than their characteristic lengthscale. In particular research is centred on the control and measurement of the interface between these small objects and their surrounding environment.

The INSP brings together a broad spectrum of expertise, both in fabrication techniques (growth of aggregates, self-organization, molecular beam epitaxy, laser ablation, lithography…) and in characterization methods (high resolution spectroscopy-microscopy, local probetechniques, fast and multicharged ion sources, numerical simulations … ). The close collaboration between researchers from fields as diverse as atomic and molecular physics, condensed matter physics, optics, acoustics or chemistry, makes the INSP a unique environment for the experimental and theoretical study of science at the nanoscale.

The different groups at the INSP welcome students from various doctoral schools in central Paris (“La Physique, de la particule à la Matière Condensée” – “Physics, from a single particle to the condensed matter phase (ED 389); “Physique et Chimie des matériaux” – “Physics and Chemistry of materials” (ED397); “Sciences mécaniques, acoustique, électronique et robotique de Paris » - « Mechanical, acoustic,electronic and robotic science in Paris » (ED391); “Particules, Noyaux et Cosmos ” – « Elementary particles, nuclei and the cosmos » (ED517).

Researchers at the INSP are involved in many national research networks (e.g. “Micro and nano-thermal”, “RELAX”, “Or-nano”, “PULSE”, international research collaborations (including European networks of the 7th PCRD) and collaborations with industrial partners.

The INSP is a founding member of he Institute for Materials Science Mat and « Quantum Information Center Sorbonne » Institute (QICS). It is also a partner of the LabEx PLAS@PAR.].