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Nanostructures and Optics

Our group studies light coupling mechanisms in nanometric materials. We consider passive nanostructures, dielectric or plasmonic, synthetic or natural, and analyze and optimize their optical properties. We also study the emission properties of active quantum nano-emitters which we can then couple to plasmonic or dielectric nanostructures in order to optimize specific properties. We consider different emitters : colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals, rare-earth-doped nanoparticles, fluorescent molecules, on which we perform spectroscopic, polarimetric or radiation analyses at the scale of a single emitter or an agregate of emitters. Placed inside these nanostructures, we then try to optimize them as single-photon sources or to enhance their chiral or magnetic properties. Our characterization methods use near-field as well as far-field microscopy in order to perfectly understand experimentally the optical behavior of our nanostructures (nano-antennas, opals or structured biological materials (butterfly wings...)) and of our emitters. Supported by theoretical studies, our research has applications in quantum nanophotonics, optical detectors and biomimetics. Our group develops also studies in opto-electronics and spectroscopic analysis of art works.

Location : our offices and experimental rooms are mainly located on the Jussieu campus, between towers 22 and 32, on the 5th floor.