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Doctoral Supervision

Supervision of Ph.D. Thesis works (last update : Dec. 2015)
  • (2013- ) Yael Bronstein, (with Ph. Depondt, at UPMC, Paris) “Nuclear Quantum Effects in Oxides with hydrogen bonds”, Paris-6 Univ. (with Ph. Depondt)
  • (2012-2014) Héloïse Tissot, (now post-doc at Fritz-Haber Institute, MPG, Berlin) “XPS studies of interfaces at near ambient pressures“ , Paris-6 Univ. (supervision of the theoretical part of H. Tissot’s thesis work, directed by F. Rochet).
  • (2008-2010) Nadia Iles, (now Assistant Professor at University of Oran, Algeria) “Reconstructions of perovskite surfaces from Density Functional Theory” Oran Univ. (with K. Driss-Khodja)
  • (2006-2008) Lucia Caramella (now associate researcher at Milano Univ.) “Electronic screening at the clean and oxidized Si(001) surface” Paris-6 and Milano Univ. (with G. Onida)
  • (2001-2004) Petr Casek (now engineer at Honeywell, Czeck Republic) : « Electronic Structure of Transition Metal Oxides », Paris-6 and Brno Univ. (with C. Noguera)
  • (2000-2003) François Bottin (now engineer at CEA) "The SrTiO3 (110) polar orientation : clean surface and GaAs overlayer » , Paris-7 Univ. (with C. Noguera).
  • (2000-2003) Grégory Geneste (now engineer at CEA) : "Atomic Structure and epitaxial growth of oxides studied by numerical simulations”, Toulouse Univ. (with J. Morillo).
  • (1998-2000) Bernard Amadon (now engineer at CEA) : "Theoretical study of cohesion and electron screening in semiconductors and insulators”, Paris-11 Univ. (with C. Noguera).
  • (1998-2000) Tristan Albaret (now associate professor - maître de conférences at Univ. Lyon) : "Theoretical study of metal-oxide interfaces and non-stochiometric titania clusters”, Paris-7 Univ. (with C. Noguera)
  • (1995-1998) Ariana Pojani-Fuga (now publishing editor at EDP sciences) : "Theoretical study of polar oxide surfaces”, Paris-11 Univ. (with C. Noguera).
Undergraduate Student Internships (Master level)
  • (2014-15) Alberto Dragoni (with G. Onida, at University of Milano, Italy)
  • (2014) Antonin Penon (with Ph. Depondt, INSP)
  • (2013) Fabien Brieuc (with Ph. Depondt, INSP)
  • (2013) Yael Bronstein (with Ph. Depondt, INSP)
  • (2012) Eric Kauderer (with Ph. Depondt, INSP)
  • (2011) Ymène Houari (with O. Pluchéry, INSP)
  • (2009) Florian Herzog (with O. Pluchéry, INSP)
  • (2007) Rym Boukicha (with E. Lacaze, INSP)
  • (2006) Thomas Boeuf
  • (2005) Yannick Kenmegne (with M. Hayoun, Polytechnique)
  • (2004) Rémi Thuiller
  • (2004) Ahlem Haouas (with M. Hayoun, Polytechnique) ... and many others !