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Séminaire général

Structural characterization of surface processes at the ID03 surface diffraction beamline of the ESRF

Roberto Felici

The ID03 beamline has been the reference beamline of the surface diffraction community since 1994. It has been recently updated in particular for its optical configuration and it now offers a more stable and more brilliant beam.

Aim of this talk is to give an overview of the beamline upgrade and on the existing instrumentation and provide some examples of the experiments which can be carried out. In particular we’ll discuss our studies on the adsorption of organic molecules on the low indexes surfaces of noble metals. Then we’ll provide a detailed description of dynamical processes at surfaces as ion milling on metal surfaces [2], the agglomeration of metal cluster on amorphous oxide surfaces [3] and the correlation between chemical composition, morphology and activity during in-situ CO oxidation under “real” (high pressure, high temperature) catalytic reactions on transition metal surfaces [4].

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