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Lhuillier Emmanuel

JPEG Research scientist - CR CNRS
orcid ID:0000-0003-2582-1422
33(0)1 44 27 82 37

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News :

  • Article : We conduct a two scales investigation of the charge dissociation in HgTe nanocrystal. Coupling electron tomography (S. Bals group) and tight binding simulation (C. Delerue), we discuss the single particle level. Using a dual gate transistor we address the mesoscopic scale. paper is now published in Nano Letters, see


  • cover : Charlies’ graphic relative to terminator synthesis of HgTe nanocrystals is now appearing as cover from Chemical Reviews in link with our recent review about HgRe nanocrystasl and their use for optoelectronics, see


  • Article : We investigate photoconduction in HgTe nanocrystal array in device size close to the diffusion length and show that thanks to better conduction high performing SWIR detection is enabled. paper is now published in nature communication


Keywords : nanocrystal, quantum dot, low dimension, infrared, optoelectronics, photodetection, transport, semimetal, narrow band-gap, 2D, mercury chalcogenides.