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Claudine Noguera, personnal pages



Curriculum Vitae :

Claudine Chopin-Noguera
Birth : 12-04-1952
Married, two children

Education :

Ecole Normale Supérieure (1971-1975)
Agregation in Physique (1975)
Master thesis in Solid State Physics, Orsay, February 1975
PhD in Solid State Physics, Orsay, January 1981

Status :

Associate Professor, University Paris 11, Orsay : 1975-1986
CNRS Researcher : 1986-

    • Chargée de Recherches 1re classe : 1986
    • Directeur de recherche de 2e classe : 1991
    • Directeur de recherche de 1re classe : 2002
    • Directeur de recherche de classe exceptionnelle : 2010

Responsabilities :

President of ECOS-Sud committee (2001-2004)
Director of Groupe de Physique des Solides (Paris) (2002-2004)
Director of Institut des Nanosciences de Paris (INSP) (2005-2008)
French Director of the International Franco-Argentinian Nanociences Laboratory (LIFAN) (2009-2013)

Theoretical research in Condensed Matter :

Many body problem (screening, plasmons, strongly correlated fermions)
Structural instabilities in quasi one-dimensional solids
Theoretical basis of EXAFS, photoemission, surface EXAFS, EXELFS, STM and AFM
Numerical simulations (semi-empirical and ab initio) of insulating oxide nano-objects, surfaces and ultra-thin films

Recent research activities

Since 1988, my research activities have been devoted to theoretical and numerical studies of oxide surfaces, interfaces, clusters and ultra-thin films. Compared to metals or semi-conductors, insulators have little benefited from efficient spectroscopic methods such as photoemission, EXAFS, etc, due to the electric charge which accumulates under photonic or electronic excitations. However, some advances have been done since 1985, first very slowly and then more exponentially after 1997 ; this has yielded a better knowledge of these materials, which are so important for the applications : indeed oxide surfaces are responsible for friction, adhesion, reaction properties of all materials in contact with the ambient. In heterogeneous catalysis, electronics, in earth or environment science, oxides play a predominant role. My most recent works include the following topics :

Polar oxide surfaces
Polar surfaces present an intrinsic electrostatic instability, which makes difficult their experimental or simulation study. However, an increasing number of works has recently been motivated by their interesting reactivity or wetting properties. Our studies on MgO(111) and SrTiO3(111) and (110) have revealed the relative efficiency of various stabilisation mechanisms : spontaneous metallization of the surface layers, non-stoichiometry, faceting, metal adsorption, dissociative adsorption of water, and this, as a function of external conditions (for example the oxygen partial pressure).
Metal-oxide interfaces
Present in many devices, metal oxide interface display specific properties due to the contact between two materials having very different electronic and sometimes atomic structures. Our theoretical as well as numerical studies on the first stages of deposition of Na on TiO2(110), on model jellium/insulator interfaces and on constituted TM/MgO (TM= transition metals) interfaces have characterised the dipole due to the electronic transfer at the interface and have pointed out the origin of the Schottky barrier and interface index.
Ultra-thin oxide films
Because insulator electronic properties are strongly dependent upon the electrostatic potential created by the lattice ions, the ultra-thin film geometry (only a few atomic layers) is susceptible to strongly modify them, in a way which depends upon the thickness, the orientation and the substrate on which they are grown. This is what we have shown in the case of NiO(100), SrTiO3(100) and MgO(111) films. In addition, we have explained the variation of more than 200% of the Neel temperature of NiO(100), when the film thickness varies from 1 to 40 atomic layers, in agreement with experiment. Along polar orientations, we have shown that two different mechanisms stabilize the films at low thickness, in which the atomic and electronic structures are strongly modified. These are artificial objects with application potentialities for wetting and reactivity.
Electronic excitations and screening in insulating oxides
While these properties have been described for long time in metals and can be found in all Solid State Physics manuals, there is no widely accepted answer to questions such as partial screening, screening length or Friedel oscillations in insulators. We have tested various forms of model dielectric constants in a GW approach of the electronic excitations of a few simple oxides, and we have analysed, using an ab initio approach, the electronic redistribution around a test charge in the same materials.
Oxides in solution
at the interface between surface science, crystal growth and geochemistry, the simulation of the first stages of precipitation and growth of oxides in solution is relevant for the problematics of rock weathering in the natural medium, of colloid physics and of small size-controlled particles by soft chemistry.



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C. Noguera : « Physics and Chemistry at Oxide Surfaces » Cambridge University Press (1996)


Full publication list


Recent publications


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