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Séminaire général de l’INSP

Conventional superconductivity at 203 K at high pressures - Mikhail Eremets - Mercredi 25 novembre 2015 à 16 h 30

INSP - 4 place Jussieu - 75252 PARIS Cedex 05 - Barre 22-23 - 3e étage, salle 317

Mikhail Eremets - Max-Planck Institut fur Chemie, Mainz, Germany


We found that sulfur hydride transforms at pressure ∼90 GPa to metal and superconductor with Tc of 203 K at pressure 140 GPa (A.P. Drozdov, M.I. Eremets, et al, Nature, 525, 73 (2015)). We proved occurrence of superconductivity by the sharp drop of the resistivity to zero ; the decrease of Tc with magnetic field ; the pronounce isotope shift of Tc in D2S which evidences of a major role of phonons in the superconductivity ; and the magnetic susceptibility measurements. The X-ray diffraction data confirmed the theoretically predicted structure (Im-3m or R3m) for the superconductive phase.