Institut des
NanoSciences de Paris

Deposition Equipments

  • 2 evaporators by Joule effect (Edwards Auto 306 and Vinci PVD-4E)
    These two thermal evaporators allow to deposit metallic thin films (Au, Al, Cr, Ti, Ag, …) on the surface of samples. A quartz balance can accurately calibrate the thickness of the deposited layers, varying from a few nanometers to a few hundred nanometers.
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  • 2 magnetron sputtering multi target (Alcatel)
    One of these devices can contain up to 4 targets whereas the second contains 3. Possibility of heating the substrate and of cleaning it using a plasma. Depositions realized with plasmas of Argon and Oxygen. Big choice of available materials (Zn, Ti, W, Fe, Cu, Permalloy, SiO2, Mo). (Multi-) Layers of several microns thick can be realized.
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  • Sputtering (Biorad SC500)
    Small sputtering working with a Argon plasma and allowing a quick metallization (Au) of samples (useful for example to observe an insulating sample with SEM).