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Séminaire axe 1 de l’INSP

Electrical and Entropy transport in low density carrier systems - Benoit Fauqué - Mardi 21 mai 2013 à 11 h

Benoit Fauqué

In low density carrier systems (n-1e17cm3), a modest -field of around 10T is suffi-cient to pull all the electrons in the lowest Landau level (namely the quantum limit). Contrary to the 2D system this limit has been poorly investigated in the 3D case. In this peculiar limit for a 3D system, the electronic spectrum becomes analogue to a one-dimensional system with a variety of possible instabilities. In this presentation, I will discuss our high magnetic -field entropy and transport measurements in various low carrier systems : bismuth[2], graphite[3, 4, 5] and Bi2Se3[6]. I will -first show that the study of the thermoelectric response across the quantum limit reveals that the Nernst e-ffect is a very sensitive probe of quantum oscillation phenomena. Second I will discuss the various electronic ground states -find beyond the quantum limit in low density carrier systems.

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