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Lithographiy Equipments

The equipment of the INSP authorizes a wide range of available resolutions.

  • 2 Spin coaters (Polos Spin 150i)
    These tools allow the controlled coating of samples with photosensitive resist or with PMMA.
  • Photolithography with direct UV laser writing (DWL 66FS Heidelberg)
    Using a UV laser (405 nm) and an interferometric table, this device allows to realize patterns on the surface of samples previously coated with resist by photolithography. Two writing heads can be used : a first one is used to achieve a resolution of 5 microns and a second one allows for resolutions down to the micron. Possibility to self-align several successive layers on the front and/or the back face of samples. This machine also allows to manufacture photolithography masks.
  • Masks aligner (MJB4 and MJB3 - Karl Süss)
    With respectivly a resolution of one micron and a few microns, the MJB4 (on the left) and the MJB3 (on the right) useful to realize quickly UV insolations. Unlike the DWL, the operation of this device requires the use of a suitable photolithography mask (3 or 5 inches mask).
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  • Electronic lithography (Raith Elphy Quantum)
    This device allows to control the electronic beam of the SEM to come locally expose a layer of PMMA or other electro-sensitive polymers, in order to structure accurately the surface of samples. The theoretical ultimate resolution is 20 nm.