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Séminaire « Propriétés opto-électroniques » de l’INSP

Mesoscopic quantum electrodynamics with carbon nanotubes" - Laure Bruhat - Mardi 15 mars à 11 h

INSP - 4 place Jussieu - 75252 PARIS Cedex 05 - Barre 22-32 - 2e étage, salle 201

Laure Bruhat - Doctorante au Laboratoire Pierre Aigrain, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris


Inspired by cavity quantum electrodynamics (CQED) experiments with atoms and superconducting circuits, mesoscopic QED is an emerging field, which couples mesoscopic conductors to microwave cavity photons. In this context, I will present two experiments on carbon nanotube quantum dot devices, which illustrate the interest of using microwaves resonators. The first part combines experiment and theory for a carbon nanotube quantum dot coupled to normal metal and superconducting contacts. Measuring the cavity transmission appears as instrumental in probing the dynamics of charge transfer between a discrete electronic level and fermionic continua. In a second part, I will discuss the first implementation of a Cooper pair splitter in cavity. The strong coupling regime is achieved, a premiere with quantum dot circuits. Together, these experiments support the idea, that mesoscopic quantum electrodynamics is a prolific toolbox in the context of both fields of quantum transport and quantum information science