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Séminaire de l’équipe Mécanique multi-échelles des solides faibles" de l’INSP

Micromechanics of jammed colloids - Michel Cloitre - Lundi 17 juin 2013 à 11 h

Michel Cloitre, Laboratoire Matière Molle et Chimie, ESPCI
Lundi 17 juin 2013 à 11 h - couloir 22-32, 2e étage, salle 201

Concentrated dispersions of soft particles are ubiquitous in everyday life (mayonnaise), in biology (biological fluids and tissues) and in geology (lava and muds). These materials display many fascinating bulk properties such as yield stress, shear thinning, long term relaxation, aging and memory. Combining particle scale simulations, theoretical modelling at the mesoscopic scale and macroscopic rheology, we will present a micromechanical framework that provides a physical understanding of the dynamics of highly concentrated soft colloids. Our analysis highlights the distinct microscopic events that make these materials exhibit a combination of solid-like and liquid-like behaviour.