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Séminaire général de l’INSP

Nano-optomechanics : Ultrasensitive vectorial force field sensors - Olivier Arcizet - Jeudi 5 avril 2018 à 14 h 30

INSP - Sorbonne Université - 4 place Jussieu - 75005 Paris - Barre 22-23, 3e étage, salle 317

Olivier Arcizet - Institut Néel


We will present the recent developments realized in our group in nano-optomechanics, where we optically readout the vibrations of suspended nanowires to realize force measurements with very high sensitivity, in the attonewton/zeptonewton range (in 1s) at room and dilution temperatures. The fact that the nanowire can oscillate along both transverse directions provides a supplementary vectorial character to our nano-mechanical force sensor which opens the possibility to discriminate from conservative and non-conservative (rotational) force fields. Its quasi-degenerated character render the nanowire extremely sensitive to external force field gradients, which are responsible for a dressing of the nanowire eigenmodes.

We will in particular expose the impact of circulating force fields, produced by a focused laser beam, on the nanowire dynamics, and report on an eigenmode orthogonality breaking and on a violation of the fluctuation-dissipation relation. We will also discuss the possibility to realize noise compression using those optical force fields responsible for a non-reciprocal coupling.