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NanoSciences de Paris

Reproduction of natural structures

The study and characterization of natural photonic structures, plant or animal gives rise to a large number of works that have clearly demonstrated their effectiveness and interest to incorporate them into our industrial achievements. We can try to reproduce them, but our techniques are not suited to the realization of more or less orderly multi-scale structures, at least on a large scale. If we want to retain this complexity, making molds and imprints is an interesting track. Two approaches are possible : the chemical one by sol-gel methods, the physical way by deposition (PVD). The first allows for prints in all types of materials, and a priori seems particularly suited to the reproduction of three-dimensional structures (Figure 2). Due to the directivity of the physical deposition, the second is more suitable for mono or bi-dimensional structures.


Figure 2 : Nanostructure of a scale of Morpho (Lepidoptera) and its TiO2 molding by Sol-Gel method