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PULSE School 2015 - Epitaxy updates and promises - September 14th to 18th 2015 - Porquerolles (France)

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PULSE summer school 2015 is organized by the French national network on the epitaxy of semicondutor PULSE.

It will be held in Porquerolles, France, from September 14th to 18th 2015.

This summer school is dedicated to PhD students, young but also senior scientists. It will provide both a reminder of the basic understanding of epitaxy together with a description of its modern applications. It will explore the latest developments of the crystal growth at the finest levels, its potential together with its challenges. The opto-electronic and magnetic properties of nanostructures made by epitaxy will be described together with their caracterization. Finally, the use of epitaxy both in new fundamental objects and in industrial applications will be explored.

A special attention will be paid to the industrial issues thanks to the participatioin of the industrial partners of the network.

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