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Séminaire Nanostructures et systèmes quantiques

Spin-wave mediated information transport : hopes and limits

Javier Gomez

Increasing interest is focused in propagating spin waves because of their potential ability to transport or modify logical information without involving charge current dissipation. Obtaining the maximum length coherence of these waves is a challenge regarding this purpose. We have used a test-bed two dimensional electron gas (2DEG) embedded in CdMnTe single quantum well to study the propagating spin-flip waves (SFW) by electronic angle resolved magneto-Raman spectroscopy. Such CdMnTe structures present very well defined SFW and give access to the transferred wavevector q dispersions of theses excitations [1].

We will discuss about the relevant properties and excitations in these samples and particularly about of a damping mechanism for the SFW due to the kinetic Hamiltonian [2,3] which couples the collective SFW modes to the single particle excitations. This intrinsic mechanism of relaxation is valid for any itinerant electron system and it limits the free propagation of the spin waves.

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