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Séminaire général de l’INSP

Visualization of electron dynamics in real time - Luca Perfetti - Jeudi 25 avril 2013 à 16 h 30

Luca Perfetti

We will present recent advances of time resolved photoelectron spectroscopy in materials with strong electron-phonon interaction and large spin-orbit coupling. The structure of electronic excitation in such compounds strongly depends on the entanglement of different degrees of freedom. In particularly the spin-orbit interaction generates spin and orbital polarizations, while the electron-phonon coupling results in to insulating phases with speudogapped spectral density. Time resolved photoelectron spectroscopy offers new means to investigate the physics of such complex systems by monitoring the dynamics of excited electronic states out-of-equilibrium conditions. We will treat several problems of high scientific interest as selective coupling of coherent phonons to Bloch states, the giant anisotropy of spin-orbit coupling and the photoinduced quenching of an electronic gap.

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