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Clusters and Surfaces under Strong Excitations

X-Ray Detectors

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The international expertise of the team in the analysis and absolute measurements of the X-ray radiation is based on a deep knowledge on various types of X-ray spectrometers as well in term of efficiency that in response function (the shape of the lines, etc…). In particular, we have several semiconductor junctions (Si(Li), Ge… detectors) that we absolute calibrated via dedicated measurements. These detectors enable us to have a complete spectrum of X-ray emission during the ion-target interaction on a broad energy range, from less than 1 keV to several tens of keV.

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In addition we have a reflection crystal spectrometer, a Bragg type, equipped with a proportional position sensitive detector. This crystalline spectrometer, completely designed and constructed in the research group, has been calibrate absolutely in efficiency. It completely changeable and can be optimize in terms of integrated transmission and resolution on a range in energy from 1 to 6 keV, with a transmission of 10-6 and a lower resolution 
to 2 eV